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In this series of sculptures entitled Dvitiya "The second" I dealt with the material body defined as a 'secondary manifestation of the spirit', The  body is also a product of the spirit soul, a covering of its original form of eternity, bliss and knowledge.

At the same way the series 'Life, Matter and their interactions' has been inspired by the homonymous book written by dr. T.D. Singh. 

Furthermore i tried to explore the same ontological subject by making the installation 'Sat-Asat' representing death as forgetfulness.




"The material body is called dvitiya, or “the second”. One who is absorbed in this second element or second exhibition of the spirit is afraid of death. When one is fully convinced that he is not his body, there is no question of fearing death, since the spirit soul does not die."

Srimad Bhagavatam

Dvitiya 1
Dvitiya 2
Dvitiya 3
Dvitiya 4
Dvitiya 6
Dvitiya 10
Dvitiya 12
Dvitiya 16
Dvitiya 19
Dvitiya 21
Dvitiya 23
Dvitiya 24
Dvitiya 28
Dvitiya 29
Dvitiya 25


Matter is essentially an insentient substrate from which temporary forms can be constructed by atomic combinations. It derives its properties from the absolute truth, and its transformations are governed by laws emanating from this source. However, it is qualitatively inferior to its source of emanation, since it lacks inherent property of consciousness.

Life consists of innumerabile fundamental units, which may be referred to as spiritons of atmas or atmans, or living entities. The spiriton or atma may be thought of as a fundamental quantized part of the absolute living being possessing the irreducibile property of consciousness.

“Life, matter and their interaction”
T. D. Singh

Atma - Life
Samsara - Cycle of life
Life and matter
Embodled soul
Mother Nature


"[...] Death means forgetfulness. Everyone is continuing life, but when one forgets the activities of this life and accepts another body, that is called death. Otherwise, a spirit soul has no death." 


Extract from a lecture of 
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada 

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