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En-Stasi, polystyrene, 2017


Enzo Barchi was born in Rome where he lives and works. He graduated as Maestro d’Arte of plastic arts at the Istituto d’Arte  Edgardo Mannucci di Ancona and went on to study sculpture at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Macerata.


​A constant trait in his works is the pursuit of reality in its original form. With "Rasa Mellow" first, "Attrattismo" 2010 and En-Stasi 2017, his investigation into the form of the personal aspect of the infinite, (as relate in the artistic canons, Shilpa Sastra, with "Tribhanga" the triple flex pose and "S Curve" in the Greek canons), assumes a definitive configuration and inclination, that distinguishes his sculptural and pictorial work. 

Living and studying in Asram in Italy, USA, During the eighties in one of his sojourns in India, he participated in the realization of eight bronze High reliefs for the Prabhupada Samadhi at Vrindavana. In 2000 in Rome, he conceived and opened the Bhagavat Atheneum – an Indological library, and Bibliothè Gallery.

He has collaborated with important international and roman art institutions such as the Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale “Giuseppe Tucci” with which he organised the collective “L’artista come Rishi", with the  CRDAV Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione Arti Visive – MACRO with wich he organised the collective “Biblioteca” and with the Rhode Island School of Design Rome with which he cooperated in different exhibitions. Currently he coordinates a series of exhibitions called “Unum: One Artist  One  Great Work" at Bibliothè gallery. 





  • Summer show, group show at Pio Monti Arte Contemporanea, Roma-2018

  • Medley, group show at Rhode Island School of Design, Roma-2018

  • Tu sappi l'immagine, group show at E-Campus University, Roma-2018

  • En-stasi, solo show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2017

  • Matchless Gifts, group show at Bhakti Center, New York-2016

  • Scuola Museo, group show at Istituto Guicciardini, Roma-2016

  • RISD Spring exhibition (Alongside Roman artist), group show at Rhode Island School of Design, Roma-2016

  • Sat-Asat: Permanente-Impermanente, solo show at La Porta Blu Gallery, Roma-2015/2016

  • Vrindavan Tour, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2015

  • Triplice-Threefold, solo show at Fort Gondo compound for the Arts, St.Louis Mo USA-2015

  • Estate: Laboratori d'arte, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, group show at Foyer Accademia Santa Cecilia, Roma-2015

  • Anabasi, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2015

  • Formal, group show Rhode Island School of Disegn, Roma-2015

  • Spiritual Bridge, group show at Museo San Salvatore in Lauro-Galleria Umberto Mastroianni,  Roma-2015

  • Maha Tattva: Nuvola spirituale-cielo materiale, solo show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2015

  • La grande illusione, group show at Temple University, Roma-2014

  • Aspettando la cometa, group show at Lavatoio Contumaciale, Roma-2013

  • Roma Punto Zero - Itinerari d’arte contemporanea a Roma, group show at Galleria Baccina Techne, Roma-2013

  • Biennale del Libro d’Artista, group show at Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli-2012

  • Ginnosofisti: Denudati fino all’essenza, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2012

  • L’Artista come Rishi, group show at Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Roma-2011

  • Natività, group show at Museo della Ceramica, Deruta-2011

  • Attrattismo, solo show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2010

  • La città dalle Nove Porte, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2009

  • Fiori di loto e le rose, double solo show with Georges de Canino at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2009

  • Mahabharata “così è stato”, group show at Bibiliothè contemporary art, Roma-2009

  • Doppia Energia: Spirito dell’Arte, Spirito della Scienza, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2009

  • Khrisna, workshop at Planet Art, New Delhi-2008

  • Psicografia, solo show at Web Gallery, Roma-2008

  • Rasa Mellow, solo show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2007

  • Riparte, group show, Roma-2007

  • Il segno della matita, group show at Galleria Irtus, Sutri-2005

  • Il Tempo dell’Arte, group show at Palazzo Wedekind, Roma-2005

  • Life and its origin, group show at Bibliothè contemporary art, Roma-2004

  • Spiritualità e arte moderna, group show at Teatro Argilla, Roma-1998

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